glass ceiling

Breaking the glass without breaking the soul

Breaking the glass ceiling involves so much more than a large bonus or VP title. I demand a retrospective look into what sacrifices and lifestyle changes a woman  makes in order to secure the promotion. Can we achieve the same level of eminence, if not more, without compromising that which makes us female? At the same time, can we still achieve success if we choose not to sell that which makes us female? As Mulan chopped off her hair and donned a manly costume, so we too face similar circumstances where we adjust, balance, and altercate who we are to climb up the ladder that eventually pushes us past the glass ceiling. Can we instead, shift our own lens as we view ourselves and the women around us, and encourage each other to break the ceiling as is -- flaws, heels, dresses, pants, whatever it may be -- unequivocally female, but just as unarguably capable of greatness.