Not possible is not an option

I was asked to speak about product management at the SF Uncubed event a couple weeks ago. I will share some of the technical sides of product management (specifically with regards to tools) in a different post, so this one's a little more on the fluffy side. Here are a few thoughts from the hour-long talk I gave. 

A product manager is the person sitting at the intersection of business and technology, the one who precisely understands the whyhow, and when behind the product. All companies and teams have their ups and downs. Product managers must bear the privilege and weight of being tied to each team, which means experiencing these emotional roller coasters tenfold. Passion, and a deep love for the product, in addition to being entirely bought into the vision is what carries a PM through the turbulence. A product manager owns the product from conception to market. 

A few notes for product managers: 

  1. Take physical notes (digital or paper, don't trust your mind to house everything)
  2. Ask the right questions often
  3. Focus on your users 
  4. Be the most organized person ever (there really is no eloquent way of saying this) 
  5. Not possible is not an option 
  6. Inspire and motivate the team 
  7. Nail the dismount
  8. Be the hunter or huntress of time

If you're looking for more detailed reading on product management, I highly recommend Inspired by Marty Cagan.